Carpet in Kingston, PA, from Fashion Floor

Fashion Floor is your go-to source for reasonably priced, high-quality brand-name carpet flooring in Kingston, PA. Our carpeting specialists make it simple to discover the ideal carpet to suit what you require for your home or business. A variety of factors, including the room’s functioning and your own design preferences, influence your home’s flooring selection. Fashion Floor provides a wide selection of top brand textured, plush, frieze, cable, Berber, or cut and loop carpet.
Fashion Floor’s experts provide free flooring estimates regardless of whether you live in Wilkes-Barre, PA, Edwardsville, PA or the surrounding area. Stop by our showroom in Kingston, PA or call (570) 287-4354 to discuss your carpeting options. We invite you to contact us online at your convenience. If you want a digital visual of what new carpeting looks like, check out the personal studio visualizer by Mohawk.

Fashion Floor Offers Residential and Commercial Carpet Experts

Carpet may be used as a dramatic focal point or a neutral backdrop. Generally, maintaining carpet is simpler than hard floors. Additionally, by giving your house natural insulation, it will save you money on heating costs. The effect of carpeting also helps create a sound dampener, creating a quieter home. Carpeting is ideal for households with small children and elderly individuals. This is because it provides cushioning for walking and safety in the event of slips and falls.

Fashion Floor Carries Top Carpet Brands

Stop by the Fashion Floor showroom to see the latest carpeting styles and brands. We provide a full range of products from top manufacturers with great wear ratings, including Shaw, Coronet, and Mannington. Fashion Floor also carries modern stain-resistant carpets from manufacturers like Dream Weaver and Mohawk. Homes with children, pets, or a lot of guests would benefit greatly from these stain-resistant carpets. Other brands we carry include:
  • Mohawk
  • Shaw
  • Mannington
  • Coronet
  • Armstrong
  • IVC
  • Dream Weaver

Fashion Floor is your go-to source for reasonably priced, high-quality brand-name carpet in Kingston, PA.